DIY Credit Repair Formula

Here you’ll obtain all of the files and docs you’ll need to repair your OWN credit..


VALUE: $100

PRICE: $50 1/2 off original price 


The DIY Credit Repair Formula Includes:


1. 52 Week Savings Worksheet - Let’s start Saving - Use this worksheet as a money

savings guide

2. Annual Credit Report Form - You can always get your Credit Report for Free- Just fill out

this form and mail it in for copies of your Credit Report (Note: You will not receive credit

score with your reports) - Please contact us if you want a Credit Report with Scores for a

low fee.

3. Budget Planner and Worksheet - Use this budget planner to look at items within your

lifestyle that you can reduce or cut out to Save Money. Budgeting tells your money

where to go

4. Dispute Letters for Equifax , Experian and TransUnion - The letters are already

formatted - Just fill in the highlighted areas - print out and mail - This will start the Credit

Repair Process

5. Collection Call Log / Collection Call Script / Collection Communication Log - During the

Credit Repair Process - There are times that collection companies may call you - Keep

track of these calls and send a Cease and Desist letter

6. Cease and Desist Letter - It's always best to limit the communication methods with

collection companies- Best Practice: limit to mail only to keep a communication paper

trail. We have provided you with a letter you can send to collection companies to do just


7. Credit Card Manager Worksheet - Credit/ Store Card Management is one of the most

common reasons for drops in credit scores. Use the Credit Card Manager worksheet to

keep on top of your credit cards- To get the highest credit score - Try to keep your

balance in the 10% or lower category

8. Goal Planner - Set your Investing Goals - Now that you are Budgeting and Saving -

Invest a portion of your money into something that can grow your money

9. Dispute Letter Video – step by step video on how to send your letters

And Much More is Included in Your Kit :